Pullman Standard


Straight out of North Hollywood Pullman Standard burst onto the Cedar Rapids music scene last year and left a huge impression with us at Blitzcreek.  Timmy D and the crew have a high energy stage presence and love making music for all to rock out to.

Timmy D started Pullman Standard in 2008 in southern California and hasn’t stopped.  They went on their first US tour in 2011 and since then have played in well over 1,500 shows.  Pullman Standard has won several Akademia awards for Best Song: Pop Rock, first place in Intel Computers 2011 Pop category and 2013 Rock category song writing competition.

We aren’t the only people that think this group has talent:

Crazy Love is a hit record.”
– Don Was
Producer for Iggy Pop, The Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan
(August 30, 2012)

“Pullman Standard’s sound is simpler than you’d expect, but catchy and anthemic.”
– Patrick Hickey Jr.
Editor-In-Chief, Founder at Review Fix
(August 20, 2015)

Timmy D of Pullman Standard rocking the crowd

Timmy D at the Party on the NoBo Side October 2016 Cedar Rapids

You can download Pullman Standard music on iTunes or listen to them on Spotify

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